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The Center for Counseling & Wellness,

is dedicated to providing comprehensive counseling and wellness services to our Rhode Island community.

Whether you are seeking individual therapy, life coaching, speech therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, or holistic wellness services, we tailor our compassionate treatment approach to meet your unique needs and goals.

Our experienced therapists and wellness practitioners are here to assist you on your journey towards greater self-awareness, resilience, and fulfillment.

Our Counseling and Wellness Services

Individual Counseling 

Our team is experienced in treating anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief, managing stress, divorce, ADHD, and a range of other life struggles

Relationship Counseling

We will guide you towards improved communication, a better understanding of your communication patterns, and assist you in changing  patterns that no longer serve your optimal wellness

Therapy Wellness Services for Families, Children, & Teens

Our therapists are skilled in addressing parenting concerns, finding ways to increase family cohesion, guide you through teen transitions, assist you in coping with school adjustments, and providing speech therapy and occupational therapy needs. Meditation and reiki services are available to assist in stress coping and overall wellness for all family members.

Life Coaching

Our life coach guides clients towards improved clarity, focus and direction, and will help develop an action plan to create the life, the relationship, and the career you aspire to have

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