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The Children's Wellness Learning Collaborative

Anticipated Launch Fall 2024

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Our Student Centered Micro School Vision

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of education, many of us have been seeking alternative learning options. The vision for this community grew out of a combination of;  

- researched best practices and approaches from programs like

 The RI Compass School, Waldorf, Montessori, and Acton Academy,

- professional experiences working in and managing educational programs,

- current and past client struggles with traditional school environments,

- my own family's educational journey, and

- an established, skilled, wellness team, who are available to provide      comprehensive support services to school aged children and their families.

  • An engaging, dynamic, project-based learning curriculum, which meets the unique needs and interests of children​

  • A safe, nurturing, multi-aged learning environment

  • Social-emotional and mindfulness skills curriculum, reinforcing a growth mindset and a strength-based approach to all community members

  • Opportunities for socialization and community building through collaborative projects and activities

  • Critical thinking reinforcement, entrepreneurship, & self advocacy skills

  • Family participation and community engagement through regular enrichment activities

  • Outdoor exploration, nature inspired learning, and STEAM lessons

  • Experienced, certified, educators who are passionate about guiding children as they thrive academically, socially, and emotionally

  • Speech and occupational therapy

  • Counseling services as needed

Our collaborative intends to welcome kind, dynamic, educators who are committed to inspiring young learners, and fostering a love of self, others, nature, and learning. Educators are valued and supported, and will receive regularly scheduled reflective supervision. 

Our community members are children who enjoy interactive learning experiences and hands-on activities.  They are students who are motivated to explore nature, express their creativity, and contribute to a positive community culture.

For more information, please contact Tammy L. Garceau, LICSW,

Founder / Clinical Director at 401-282-9502 or

tammy @ 

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